Mullinax Lab

Applied Spatial Wildlife Ecology


Welcome. I’m a research ecologist and professional asker of questions. My work is motivated by a sense of community, curiosity, and open-mindedness. I’m interested in the nature of the patterns of animal behaviors and movements. By combining natural history, quantitative analyses, and modeling, I attempt to define the interactions between humans, animals, and the environment. I enjoy using these methods to find applied solutions to specific wildlife management issues.

~Jennifer M. Mullinax


Select Publications: 

Deerhake, M., J. L. Murrow, K. Heller, D. Cobb, and B. Howard.  2016.  Assessing the Feasibility of a Sustainable, Huntable Elk Population in North Carolina.  Journal of the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 3: 303–312.

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